Review Policy & Rating System for Book Reviews

Review Policy

I love to read and review books. I am careful to always give my honest opinion on a book. If I am sent a book for review, that’s great, but the rating I give will not be a reflection of how I obtained the book. I rate books for their content, not for publicity. If you have a book you’d like me to review, you can contact me directly via  Twitter or shoot me an email at

When I read and rate a book, I put a lot of thought into my rating. To some people that may not be significant, but for me it means a lot. The difference between a three and five star rating makes a huge difference in how enthusiastic I am to recommend this book to someone else.

What I Like To Read:

I enjoy thrillers, mysteries, young adult, memoirs and fantasy novels the best, though I’ll read most anything.

Review Considerations & Ratings

Here’s what I look for when choosing a rating for a book:

  • Writing Style – What makes it appealing? Is it consistent? How’s the pace? What makes this author’s writing stand out?
  • Plot – Every good story needs a well developed plot. It doesn’t have to be the most elaborate storyline out there, but I need to be engaged throughout the book.
  • Character Development – What am I going to learn by the end of the book that I didn’t learn about these characters on page one? This is another big one for me as often times it’s the right character that can drive the story home.
  • World Building – How well developed is this world? Is there a true sense of place? If it is based on an actual place, what makes it unique to the story?

Here’s what each of my star ratings represents for me:


I rarely will give a book a one star rating. A one star rating means I felt totally disconnected and uninterested in the book or could not finish it. Would not personally recommend reading.


The book decently executed. The plot, writing, and characters (or any combination of those elements) was solid, but somehow those elements just didn’t add up for me. I would recommend to others who may have different reading tastes than I do, or who I feel will enjoy an element of the book that I did not enjoy.


I liked it. The pacing, plot, characters, world building and writing style were all well done and consistent. I am not in love with this book, but I would recommend it to others.


I loved it. This book took everything a good book needs and brought it to the next level. The story lingered in my mind long after I was done reading and I’m anxious to see what else this author has out. I would highly recommend this book.


Outstanding. I’m now a complete Fangirl over this book. The plot, characters, world building and writing style were all masterfully done and left a large impression on me. I’m likely going to reread this book or marathon other books by this author soon. This book soars to the top of my recommended reading list.


While the vast majority of the books I read and review are ones I have acquired myself (through purchasing them or borrowing them in some fashion), I am open to doing book reviews for upcoming books. That being said, if I am sent a book for review, I will always give my honest opinion on the book. In no way will I put a positive spin on a book I didn’t like. A book sent to me for review is treated the same as a book I purchased myself.

That’s it folks! If you have any questions about my rating system or reviews, let me know and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.


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