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New 2014 Harry Potter Covers

Until more recently, I was not one to really collect books simply for their covers. Sure, I adored the artwork and noted whatever style choices were made, but I didn’t have as much space to store physical books, so I kept my physical book buying habits to a minimum (instead reading on my Kindle). Now that I have more space, I’ve found myself more apt to pick up physical copies of books. I think a greater part of my motivation isn’t the space so much as the fact that my oldest is starting to get into listening to longer stories, and is really anxious to learn how to read. For the past four years, I’ve daydreamed about the stories we can read together and it’s exciting to know we’re that much closer to sharing the experience.

I was a late bloomer on the Harry Potter train. My brother read the series in elementary/middle school as it was begin published, but I didn’t ask him much about it as our book tastes were fairly different by then. When I went to college and my roommate learned that I had never read Harry Potter, she staged a weekend long intervention and I was hooked. That year book five was published and I’ve read them ever since. That being said, most of my copies of HP are the first editions, so I’ve wanted to keep them in good condition.

When these new covers were announced in 2013, I almost died at their beauty. I still haven’t had a chance to pick them up yet, but I’ve given them as gifts because they’re just too beautiful to pass up.

Then today, I saw this article from The Guardian saying there will be even more new Harry Potter covers. I love these just as much as the ones previously mentioned. Ten years ago, I might not have splurged on two different box sets of a single book series, but these days the idea excites me more than anything.

Do you buy multiple copies of favorite books, or do you limit yourself? If you do limit yourself, how do you decide which one to buy?


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