Favorite Places To Read

I like to keep a book with me at all times. Whether it’s my Kindle app on my iPhone, my Kindle e-reader or a physical book, I like to have something to read on me at all times incase I get the chance to read even just a few pages.

I never used to think much about where I read because I will read wherever I can, but recently I’ve discovered I do have a few favorite places to read.

For comfort, my go-to places to read are a couch in our living room or in my bedroom. I find these are the places I go to the most to settle in and marathon read. The lighting is good, it’s generally quiet and I always have a place to set my coffee/tea/whatever I want with me.

For speed reading, I’ve found that lately, being in the car (as a passenger of course) or on a plane is where I am often the most productive in my reading. I had a couple of years where reading while traveling would make me sick (thanks spawns!) but now I’m back to a place where I can enjoy it.

Where do you like to read the most? Do you find one place/situation the most productive? Do you listen to audio books while driving or doing other things around the house?


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