Goosebumps The Movie!

GoosebumpsMovieImageThe movie gods have answered prayers I didn’t know I had — R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books have a movie adaptation releasing August 7th 2015! Clearly, I’m a little behind on this news as the film is in post production, but I’m so thrilled. Goosebumps books gave me so many firsts in my reading life — first series I really got hooked on, first time reading horror books, first time I really started appreciating writing style and scenes. R.L. Stine kept me reading long past bedtime and really helped to shape me as a reader. 

As much as I enjoy films and think it is a fantastic medium, I don’t always make a huge effort to see book-to-film adaptations. While I feel that every adaptation should be looked at with an open mind (and not just a carbon copy of the book), it’s hard to beat the book for me. However, I think this adaptation is really unique as it involves two kids (one being R.L. Stine’s fictitious niece) working together to stop monsters who have come to life from some of Stine’s Goosebumps books. The next thing to really impress me with this film is the cast. Jack Black plays R.L. Stine. The female lead is actress Odeya Rush who, at 17 years old has an impressive filmography, including a role in the upcoming adaptation of The Giver

While we still have a year before the Goosebumps movie is released in theaters, it’s a big motivator for me to reread some of my favorite books from the series. 

Did you grow up reading Goosebumps books? What do you think of this film adaptation?

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