New Addition — Tyrion the Cat!

Okay, okay, this may not be the typical bookish post, but I wanted to share my excitement about the newest addition to our family, and talk a little bit about naming him.

TyrionPic1About a week ago, our family decided to adopt this sweet little kitten. We had been toying with the idea of getting a pet for a while, but just never committed to it. When we saw this little guy, I couldn’t resist giving him his forever home. Something about black cats has always stood out to me. 

When discussing names, I knew I wanted a book related name for our new kitty. Once we discovered his sex, we narrowed the names down to Albus (Dumbledore) and Tyrion (Lannister) . We let our daughter pick the name and she surprised me by picking Tyrion. He’s a sweet little kitten, so hopefully he’ll keep all of Tyrion Lannister’s good qualities. 

I haven’t always had pets with book related names or author names, but I am quick to notice pets in books and love authors even more when they are fellow animal lovers like myself. I always love reading about August Burroughs and his sweet pups, and the opening scene in A Game of Thrones where the Starks find the direwolf pups always stands out in my mind. Then there’s Hermione (a contending girl name if Tyrion wasn’t male) and Crookshanks the cat. Of course, there are countless author/character-pet combos out there, these are just some of my favorites. 

I find that pets help me empathize with and understand characters better. How a character treats their pet, why they choose to have it (if it was a choice), and how they act around the animal helps lend to the character’s realism much like a supporting character would. 

Do you notice pets or animal relationships with characters in books? Do you have pets of your own that are named after your favorite fictional characters or authors?



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