Scarlet Review


Author: Marissa Meyer

Published: 2013

Length 452 pages

Publisher: Feiwel and Friends



If you haven’t read Cinder (Lunar Chronicles 1), click here to read my full review.

In the second installment to Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles, we meet Scarlet, a teenage girl living on her grandmother’s farm in rural France. When Scarlet discovers that her grandmother has disappeared from their home without warning, Scarlet knows her grandmother is in danger. The local police force seem uninterested in putting much effort into the search for her grandmother, assuming that she simply chose to leave on her own.

As Scarlet attempts to keep up the farm while investigating her grandmother’s disappearance, she meets an unlikely character named Wolf. As a hardened street fighter, Wolf stands out easily against the rest of the people in town. While Scarlet is reluctant to trust Wolf, as he seems to be hiding more than he discloses about his life, she finds herself accepting Wolf’s offer to help track down her Grandmother’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Cinder is attempting to escape her imprisonment for crimes of treason against the Commonwealth. If she cannot escape, Prince Kai will be forced to hand Cinder over to the Lunar Queen Levana (who sees Cinder as a threat that needs to be extinguished). As Cinder works toward freeing herself  and trying to navigate how to stop Queen Levana from taking control of the Commonwealth, Prince Kai is torn between protecting his country and tempering his feelings he still holds for Cinder, which he must keep secret to protect his reputation.

As Scarlet and Cinder each work toward finding the truth, they learn that not only are their paths crossed, but that their circumstances play a large role  in the world’s relationship with Luna and the Queen.

Scarlet’s story adds a fun twist to the tale of Little Red Riding Hood while expanding upon the world that is established in Cinder. Like Cinder, Scarlet, is a headstrong, determined and loyal girl who isn’t willing to give up on what she believes just because things become difficult to understand.

The latest installment to the Lunar Chronicles continues with Cress, which was released in earlier this year. The fourth and final book, Winter is set to be released in 2015.

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