The Land of Dragor Book 1 The Gift of Charms Review


Author: Julia Suzuki

Published: Available September 4th 2014 (paperback)

Length: 288 pages

Publisher: John Blake Publishing



This book was generously sent to me for review by Julia Suzuki herself. The Land of Dragor (Book 1 Gift of Charms) is British author Julia Suzuki’s first published work, and is set to be released in paperback for the first time in September of this year.

The Land of Dragor Gift of Charms follows a young dragon named Yoshiko who is starting off his education at the Fire School with all the other youngling dragons within the realm of Dragor. While he is initially excited to start school, Yoshiko quickly learns that he isn’t like the rest of the dragons in his school, or any other dragon he has met. While all other dragons have scales that are the same color as all the other dragons within their clan, Yoshiko has scales that change colors without provocation. This strange ability makes Yoshiko question who he is, how he fits into the world around him and leads him to be targeted by bullies at school.

As Yoshiko trains and develops his natural dragon talents,  learns the history of his world, and explores the land of Dragor, he begins to realize that being an individual gives him the ability to change the world around him for the better.

Despite some choppy dialogue, and  imagining dragons doing ordinary human activities such as cooking, shopping in a market, eating at a table (how do they hold things? What dragon needs a backpack?), the pacing of the story is well executed and would easily keep the attention of young fantasy and adventure readers.

You can pre-order The Land of Dragor ( Book 1, Gift of Charms) on Amazon.

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