Finding Emma Review


Author: Steena Holmes

Published: 2013

Length: 276 pages

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing



Finding Emma brings us a mystery involving small town life and a heartbroken family. The story opens with little Emma’s third birthday. She is playing at her house with her mother and two older sisters when she slips outside unnoticed and disappears. Two years later with no new leads in the case, Emma’s family is falling apart. Her mother, Megan is on a mission to find her daughter but her dedication is keeping her from enjoying life with her other two daughters and her husband.

In a rural farm town just a few miles outside of Megan’s city, an elderly couple, Jack and Dottie, are raising their granddaughter, five year old Emmie. Dottie brought Emmie to live with them when her estranged daughter Mary was no longer able to care for Emmie. As the two stories unfold, we learn the two families have secrets to keep and each family is not truly living the life they appear to lead. A chance encounter at a local fair and a family picture will change both families lives in ways they never saw coming.

While the story was intriguing enough to keep the pages turning and Megan was easy to sympathize with, stronger character development and a richer plot would have made the story more engaging. The second Amazon Kindle book in Emma’s story, also published in 2013, titled Emma’s Secret may provide the answers that were left open ended in Finding Emma and bring some new light into the story.

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